Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sites for Students

Backpack, Zoho and Stikkit are my favorites. I like the communication tools such as calendars, shared notes, meetings & information about the meeting combined. Thank you for the introduction to these tools.

Monday, January 21, 2008


It was fun to see some people enjoying watching chickens, being in Seattle and persevering to keep up with their KRL2pt0 as I am. Twitter seems awfully retaled to an IM. This is a quick way to have back and forth conversations (like IM'ing) with several people at once. Question and answers that lead to more questions. I like the quick response. I'm wondering if it is possible to use this type of tool with PDA's when someone is in a meeting and needs some statistics or information on the spot for a presentation they are at. Interesting!


The main thing that jumped out at me is using Facebook (or MySpace) as a portal for library information/access.

Just a note that two of the "Wisdoms" that are working with me throught the KRL2pt0 project, say that Facebook is a MySpace wanna-be. To my teens, MySpace is more popular, so how do we go about finding out which is more used or do you produce something on both to cover more area?

As I am one of those that is very leary about putting information on the web, per warnings and examples with the designated article of how people forget that whatever you put on there is public domain, I do agree that parents and public in general need to know how internet social networking, tags, feeds, etc., work. I believe that classes on how to use these tools, including how to safeguard certain information, would be a VERY POPULAR class for all ages. You have a lot of kids using MySpace. What should the kids and parents know to have this be a safe, yet effective tool for them? How about internet safety tips on KRL's web page? How about an invitation to join a Wiki or blog for a book group? Could we invite people to tag this book or author within our catalogue? I don't know all the answers, but I could get very excited about the classes. I have learned about so many new and exciting tools. Yet, I am still fearful of using some of them because I need to know more about the safeguards and be comfortable with them and learn more about how the networking and controls work before I'm willing to make the jump.

Wiki 2

Wiki 2 was the easiest one of all. This is more my style of working with creating and editing web pages. I still struggle with the concept of which is the better platform for KRL to use for public and internal communications. There are ones we use that have controls included and then there are things like a Wiki that totally opens the page up for editing. I think this may be useful some youths that enjoy writing 'fan flicks' where there is a joint effort in writing a story about their favorite manga/anime characters. Now, what if students got the idea to do a joint book report? Hmmm, something to think about there.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Editorial: Personal Commentary (Includes Wiki Wk1)

First, let me clarify that the "Wisdom of Three" is a somewhat group effort of myself and my two oldest children to learn the subjects included within the KRL2pt0 program. I say somewhat because their participation depends on their interest in the subject of the week. However, it does guarantee Mom computer time on the laptop. I am also enjoying how the three of us see the uses or discover how some of it works using different ideas.

I am also finding out that I am not the best self learner on the Internet. I am very leery of the Internet. I am sure this is, in part, due to the fact that I have children. Signing up for so many accounts worried me a bit. However, I will give Bob and the Krl2pt0 Team making what accounts we need to sign up for very easy and they really did not create as much stress as I thought. I also appreciated that the learning made it optional for signing up for the account requesting more information that some were willing to give. Thank you! I would like to add an additional kudo to Bob for his one-on-one or group classes for the additional instruction in support of the krl2pt0 website.

Having said that, the phrase "You don't know what you don't know" keeps coming to mind. In part, I am thrilled to learn knew skills but now I do feel some pressure that I should be incorporating these more into my work environment. This is going to take some time.

Finally, Wiki-Week1. I admit that I am looking forwarding to trying out the editing features of a Wiki. They didn't name a highway in Hawaii Wiki Wiki Hwy for nothing. I can see where information can be change so fast with anyone (public Wiki) having the ability to edit. I am hoping that this is where we find the uses of tags and feeds to be useful tools, as well.

Well, even though blogging is not my best thing, I blog here that I am looking forward to the next step.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I really enjoyed the KRL videos. Perhaps KRL can do a virtual tour for each branch of where items are located within each site? This is too fun and addicting.

Check this out:

Library Thing - Me likey

I can really see where a link to LibraryThing would be awesome for KRL patrons. Though, I'm not sure how this would affect ILL :) I enjoyed finding another tool for knowing what KRL has and has not and being able to have a variety of search methods to know what other titles by the same author is out there and available, even if it is not via KRL.